Jump jump lil goat!

Come Drink Local With Us!

Craft beers and ciders, wines, spirits, cocktails, and an extensive non-alcoholic drinks list!

Our wide variety of craft beer is primarily from Queensland, especially the south-east. There's so much local talent we don't need to go far!

Much of our wine was created in the Granite Belt region in Queensland, a region that has been producing wine since 1965 and now reliably releases gorgeously elegant world-class wines. All of our chosen Granite Belt wineries have been producing wine from their vinyards for at least 20 years and the experience is there to taste.

We have a range of spirits including whiskies, bourbons, rums, and several particularly extraordinary Australian gins.

Don't be shy to ask any questions!

We were voted #2 Best Espresso Martini in Brisbane by Courier Mail readers in 2019!

We source quality drinks and ingredients from local and independent suppliers, because we believe in the quality Australia produces, in minimising our carbon footprint, and in supporting our local people and economy. And in enjoying a damn fine drink while we're at it!

Nigel & Peta created this bar as a place where locals and friends and visitors could meet and relax and reconnect in this increasingly disconnected world. Welcome to Jumping Goats Bar, enjoy!

Beer and Cider

On Tap

4 beers on tap, see blackboard for details.
Tasting Paddle - 4 x 200ml - $19

In The Fridge

All are available to takeaway: Pick and mix your favourites!
4 or more pack: 25% off

On Tap

All Inn Consequences Lager Banyo QLD 5.0% $6.00 $8.00 $10.00
Dry crisp lager with a touch of bitterness
Slipstream Billy Cart Pale Ale Yeerongpilly QLD 3.4% $6.00 $8.00 $10.00
Rye spice balancing malt sweetness and hop bitterness
Bulli Brewing Pauline IPA 6.0% $7.00 $8.00 $11.00
Helios Hades Bitter Chocolate Stout Yeerongpilly QLD 4.2% $6.00 $8.00 $10.00
Tasting Paddle 4 x 200ml $19.00

In The Fridge

Cans and bottles available for takeaway or in the bar!


All Inn Consequences Lager Banyo QLD 5.0% 375ml $9.00
Dry crisp lager with a touch of bitterness
Brendale Linkfield Lager Brendale QLD 3.5% 375ml $9.00
Light hop bitterness, refreshing dry finish
Aether Chaotic Good Pacific Mid Pilsner Northgate QLD 3.5% 375ml $9.00
Clean, lightly fruity, low bitterness

Pale Ales

Two Birds Passionfruit Summer Ale Spotswood VIC 5.0% 330ml $9.50
Fresh passionfruit makes this a pale for fruit lovers
Aether Deep Space Haze Pale Ale Northgate QLD 5.2% 375ml $9.50
Juicy and hazy with strong citrus characters from farm-fresh Galaxy hops
All Inn Sabre Pale Ale Banyo QLD 3.5% 375ml $9.00
Easy drinking smooth tropical pale ale
Grassy Knoll Session Pale Ale Unanderra NSW 4.2% 375ml $9.00
Smooth tropical hops, light refreshing bitter finish
All Inn Mercenary American Pale Ale Banyo QLD 5.0% 375ml $9.50
Citrus and pine before a fresh bitter finish


All Inn Legbreaker IPA Banyo QLD 5.6% 375ml $10.00
Citrus and pine before a fresh bitter finish
Killer Sprocket Shiny Coffee IPA Bayswater VIC 5.5% 375ml $10.00
Honey and chocolate spiked with subtle coffee and plenty of hoppy bitterness
Brendale Russo Red IPA Brendale QLD 6.2% 375ml $12.00
Delicious caramel and dark fruit flavours with a clean, hoppy bitterness and crisp aftertaste
Aether Black As Your Heart Black IPA Northgate QLD 6.7% 375ml $11.00
Warm dark malts melded with citrusy hops, a delicate but perfect balance

Ales & Dark Beers

Helios Goddess Ravishing Red Rye Ale Yeerongpilly QLD 6.3% 375ml $11.00
Malt sweetness balanced with a touch of rye spice and a firm bitter finish
Aether Event Horizon Spiced Rum Porter Northgate QLD 6.7% 375ml $12.00
Vanilla and spiced rum aromas over rich chocolate and coffee malts
Brendale Darkest Days Porter Brendale QLD 6.0% 375ml $11.00
Coffee, dark chocolate, dark fruits
Brouhaha Milk Stout Maleny QLD 4.8% 375ml $9.50
Roast malt chocolate sweetness with added lactose for a smooth body
Aether Creature of the Night Peanut Butter Stout Northgate QLD 7.0% 375ml $13.00
Does what it says on the tin!
Brouhaha Chocolate Berry Stout Maleny QLD 7.0% 375ml $12.00
Dark chocolate cut with tart berries, black forest cake in a glass!

Fruit & Sour Beers

Brouhaha Strawberry and Rhubarb Sour Maleny QLD 4.2% 375ml $10.00
Delicious light strawberries with a lightly sour finish made with Maleny Dairies natural yoghurt
Soapbox Tongue Twister Gold Kiwi & Mango Kettle Sour Fortitude Valley QLD 3.5% 375ml $10.00
Sweet kiwi and mango with a crisp tangy finish
Aether Smoked Apricot Sour Northgate QLD 4.2% 375ml $9.50
Rich smoke and lush apricot, full flavoured and moreish
Ballistic Twang Pina Colada Sour Salisbury QLD 4.6% 375ml $10.00
Creamy, coconuty, pineappley Pina Colada deliciousness with a refreshing tart twang!
Brouhaha Raspberry Saison Maleny QLD 5.9% 375ml $9.50
Australian raspberries and lively yeast makes a tart refreshing beer

Gluten Free Options

Gluten Free Beers

Wilde Pale Ale Gluten Free Sydney NSW 4.5% 330ml $9.00
FODMAP friendly and low-carb, light and citrusy flavours with clean bitterness
Two Bays Lager Gluten Free Mornington Pen VIC 4.5% 330ml $9.00
Refreshingly crisp easy-drinking lager

Ciders & Ginger Beer

Aether Ginger Beerd GF Ginger Beer Northgate QLD 4.3% 375ml $10.00
Tonnes of fresh QLD ginger, semi-sweet with a refreshing ginger kick. Made from corn so gluten-free!
Cheeky Tiki Dry Apple Cider Childers QLD 6.2% 330ml $9.00
Medium dry cider made with 100% QLD apples. No added sugar
Cheeky Tiki Sweet Apple Cider Childers QLD 6.1% 330ml $9.00
Medium sweet cider made with 100% QLD red apples. No added sugar
Pagan Apple Cider Cygnet TAS 4.5% 330ml $10.00
Medium dry cider made from 100% Tasmanian apples. No added sugar
Pagan Cerise Cider Cygnet TAS 8.0% 330ml $11.00
40% dark cherries and 60% apples, fresh and delicious. No added sugar
Cheeky Tiki Pineapple Cider Childers QLD 5.2% 330ml $10.00
Delicate tropical pineapple finished with crisp apple, sweet and refreshing!


All available for takeaway at retail prices

Also available for takeaway!


Robert Channon V Verdelho Bubbles Stanthorpe QLD 13.0% $10.00 $45.00
Unusual verdelho bubbly, light and dry with delicious verdelho flavours
Range Life Prosecco King Valley VIC 12.0% $11.00 $49.00
Delightful dry bubbly with light citrus aromas
Girraween Estate Sparkling Rosé Granite Belt QLD 12.3% $11.00 $49.00
Strawberries and turkish delight with a crisp refreshing finish.


Ottelia Pinot Gris 2020 Coonawarra SA 12.2% $9.50 $39.00
Light and fresh with a clean dry finish
Unico Zelo Alluvium Fiano 2020 Riverland SA 12.5% $12.00 $49.00
Light refreshing Italian style brimming with citrus notes and lime zest
Ottelia Riesling 2019 Coonawarra SA 11.0% $11.00 $49.00
Bright and dry with a clear flinty finish
Symphony Hill Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2021 Granite Belt QLD 12.2% $10.00 $45.00
Bush lemon and kafir lime with a seamless dry finish and long flavour on the palate
Granite Ridge Chardonello Granite Belt QLD 13.0% $8.00 $35.00
Blend of chardonnay, verdelho, and sauvignon blanc. Medium body with aromas of green apple and honeysuckle, and the depth of sweet melon
Granite Ridge First Oak Chardonnay 2017 Granite Belt QLD 12.5% $10.00 $45.00
White peach, nectarine, vanillin with a good length of oak from new oak barrels, with a very clean finish


Unico Zelo Esoterico 2019 Riverland SA 12.5% $10.00 $45.00
Limited Release: Not exactly white wine, nor red. Complex blend with a sweet aroma and long refreshing finish - Fiano, Zibbibo, Moscato Giallo, Gewurtztraminer, Greco


Fiore Pink Moscato 2019 Mudgee NSW 6.5% $8.00 $35.00
Rosewater and jasmine sweetness balanced with fresh pomegranate
Serafino Goose Island Rosé McLaren Vale SA 13.0% $9.00 $39.00
Crisp and dry, light and refreshing


Lightfoot & Sons Myrtle Point Pinot Noir 2018 Calulu VIC 13.8% $11.00 $49.00
Plum and red cherries with savoury spicy tannins
Granite Ridge Cabaraz Granite Belt QLD 13.0% $8.00 $35.00
Smooth red blend of shiraz and merlot, with aromas of leather and spice, hint of dark cherries, with a savoury finish
Pyramids Road Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Granite Belt QLD 14.5% $13.00 $55.00
Rich, ripe cabernet fruit gives delicious mulberry and blackberry flavours
Bellwether Tempranillo 2018 Wratonbully SA 13.5% $12.00 $49.00
Earthy tones overlaid with rich red fruits
Tscharke Shiraz Shiraz Shiraz 2016 Barossa SA 15.0% $11.00 $45.00
Three shiraz vineyards are blended to produce this medium-bodied and elegant shiraz with mild oak, rich plumminess and savoury spices
Casley Mount Hutton Shiraz 2005 Stanthorpe QLD 13.5% $14.00 $59.00
Smooth easy drinking shiraz, raspberry and cherry aromas, with notes of white pepper and a medium length finish


Granite Ridge Pop's Tawny Port Granite Belt QLD 17.0% $8.00 $35.00
Delightfully aromatic sweet warm raisins


Kir Royale $14.00
Sparkling wine with a dash of Chambord berry liqueur
Mojito $14.00
Bacardi white rum, muddled fresh mint and lime, simple syrup, soda
French Martini $14.00
Mount Compass Vodka, French Chambord, shaken with pineapple juice. A sweet vodka treat!
Brandied Turkish Delight $16.00
Chocolate Turkish Delight, or Lokum (meaning "Comfort of the Throat" in Turkish). The Grove Turkish Liqueur, St Agnes Brandy, Aztec Dark Chocolate Bitters, fresh lemon and mint, bubbled with soda. Dairy-free!
Chocolate Cream Dream $14.00
Creamy chocoholics boozy dream. Granite Ridge Surrender Chocolate Liqueur, Mount Compass Vodka, Aztec Dark Chocolate Bitters, milk
Home-Grown Espresso Martini $14.00
Fresh espresso coffee, Wolf Lane Barista coffee liqueur, Mount Compass vodka, simple syrup
Irish Home-Grown Espresso Martini $14.00
Cool Irish Coffee - Espresso Coffee, Wolf Lane Barista Coffee Liqueur, Jameson Irish Whiskey, simple syrup
Margarita $14.00
Classic straight up delicious margarita with a hint of lemon lightness
Elderflower Collins $14.00
Muddled strawberries or raspberries, dry gin, elderflower cordial, lemon juice, topped with soda
Fruit Tingle $14.00
Tall icy blue mix of Blue Curacao, Vodka, Lemonade with a dash of raspberry
Japanese Slipper $14.00
Zingy green martini made with Midori, Triple Sec, lemon juice with a red maraschino cherry. For those with a sweet tooth, ask for a Cinderella Slipper!
Whiskey Old-Fashioned $16.00
A timeless classic - Upshot Australian Whiskey, bitters, simple syrup, and a spritz of Mount Compass Orange Liqueur
Whiskey Sour $16.00
Rich Upshot Australian Whiskey, fresh lemon juice and a dash of simple syrup, topped with a maraschino cherry

Spirits and Liqueurs


23rd Street Distillery Violet Gin Renmark SA $12.00
Antipodes Organic Pink Gin Hunter Valley NSW $12.00
Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin Rosebery NSW $11.00
Fossey's Distillery Rose Petal Gin Milfura VIC $13.00
Husk Distillers Ink Dry Gin Tumbulgum NSW $12.00
Mount Compass Black Pepper Gin Mt Lofty Ranges SA $9.00
Mount Compass Distilled Dry Gin Mt Lofty Ranges SA $8.00
Mt Uncle Botanic Australis Gin Walkamin QLD $10.00
Poor Tom's Strawberry Gin Marrickville NSW $10.00
Wolf Lane Navy Strength Gin Cairns QLD $14.00
Wolf Lane Tropical Gin Cairns QLD $13.00
Wolf Lane Davidson Plum Gin Cairns QLD $14.00


42 Below Feijoa Vodka Wellington NZ $10.00
Grey Goose Vodka Cognac France $12.00
Mount Compass Triple Distilled Premium Vodka Mt Lofty Ranges SA $8.00


St Agnes VS Brandy Renmark SA $9.00


Bacardi White Rum Puerto Rico $8.00
Beenleigh Artisan Double Barrel Handcrafted Rum Beenleigh QLD $9.00
Bundaberg Original Rum Bundaberg QLD $8.00
Bundaberg OP Rum Bundaberg QLD $12.00
Bundaberg Mutiny Spiced Rum Bundaberg QLD $9.00
Malibu Coconut White Rum Barbados $8.00
Mount Compass Blazing Iron Rum Mt Lofty Ranges SA $11.00
Mt Uncle Iridium FNQ Dark Rum Walkamin QLD $10.00


Canadian Club Whisky Canada $8.00
Hellyers Road Original Single Malt Australian Whisky Burnie TAS $12.00
Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky Scotland $8.00
Mount Compass Contempt Whisky Mt Lofty Ranges SA $12.00
Starward Nova Wine Cask Single Malt Whisky Melbourne VIC $14.00
The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve Single Malt Whisky Speyside Scotland $10.00


Jameson Irish Whiskey County Cork Ireland $9.00
Writer's Tears Copper Pot Irish Whiskey County Carlow Ireland $12.00


Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Bourbon Kentucky USA $10.00
Jack Daniels Old No 7 Tennessee Bourbon Tennessee USA $8.00
Whipper Snapper Upshot Bourbon Perth WA $10.00


Beenleigh Honey & Dark Rum Liqueur Beenleigh QLD $9.00
Cointreau Liqueur France $10.00
Granite Ridge Surrender Chocolate Cream Liqueur Granite Belt QLD $9.00
Jumping Goat Coffee Infused Whisky Liqueur New Zealand $9.00
Kahlua Coffee Liqueur Veracruz Mexico $9.00
Midori Melon Liqueur Japan $9.00
The Grove Turkish Delight Liqueur Wilyabrup WA $9.50
Wolf Lane Barista Coffee Liqueur Cairns QLD $9.00


De Kuyper Apple Schnapps Netherlands $8.00
Steinbok Firebomb Cinnamon Schnapps Somersby NSW $9.00


Espolon Bianco Tequila Mexico $10.00


Capi Spicy Ginger Beer Melbourne VIC $5.00
All natural, made from fresh Australian ginger and chilli, giving it a refreshing spicy kick
The Bucha of Byron Ginger Kombucha Byron Bay NSW $7.00
Sparkling and light with a hint of ginger
Lyre's G&T $7.00
Lyre's London Dry Spirit with notes of juniper and citrus, with a pepperberry warmth
Sobah Finger-Lime Cerveza Burleigh Heads QLD $6.00
Non-alcoholic Corona! Light and zesty
Sobah Lemon Aspen Pilsner Burleigh Heads QLD $6.00
Lightly fruity and refreshing zero alcohol pilsner
Sustainabilitea Goji Berry Iced Tea Kangaroo Point QLD $6.00
Delicate goji, fresh lemon, currants, papaya, elderberries
Sustainabilitea Egyptian Hibicus Iced Tea Kangaroo Point QLD $6.00
Tangy hibiscus flowers, fresh lemon, rosehips, ginger, lemongrass, turmeric
Sustainabilitea Orange Pash Iced Tea Kangaroo Point QLD $6.00
Valencia peel, apple, fresh lemon, florals, passionfruit
Elderflower Lime Spritzer $6.00
Sweet aromatic elderflower balanced with fresh lime and soda
Margate Morning $7.00
Blue curacao cordial, fresh lemon juice, bubbled with lemonade
Lemon Lime & Bitters $6.00
Freshly made in-house
Margate Sunset $7.00
Orange juice lifted with fresh lime and bitters, topped with ginger beer

Cheese, Snacks, Other Stuff

Also available for takeaway!


Dine-in cheeseboards include seasonal fruit and crackers or GF rice crackers on request

  • Cheese Platter - $15
  • More Cheese Please - $25
  • All The Cheese - $35
  • Add Mediterranean Mixed Olives for $5


Deli Originals Mediterranean Mixed Olives Hallam VIC $5.00
JC Outback Mix - Premium Cashews, Almonds, Peanuts & Macadamia Mix Nuts Knoxfield VIC $5.00
Wicked Nuts Alcohol-Infused Peanuts Kingaroy QLD $7.00
Natural Chip Co Potato Chips Australia $5.00
Huff & Puff Pork Crackle Regency Park SA $5.00

Other Stuff


All drinks are subject to availability. Last updated 15th Sep 2021